September 2023

Alyssa & Ryan's Wedding

Nestled atop Hillsboro's rolling farmland, Scholls Valley Lodge provided an exquisite canvas for Alyssa and Ryan, a couple who shared a profound appreciation for wine and a love story that began on the dance floor. From our first encounter at Lady Hill Winery, where their devotion was palpable, to their enchanting wedding ceremony set against the backdrop of sprawling oaks and undulating hills, every moment was imbued with an undeniable magic.

Their wedding day was a reflection of their shared passions and unique bond. Personalized touches, such as the meticulously crafted ceramic vases for the table flowers and mugs lovingly made by the groom, added an intimate charm to the celebration. The dance floor came alive with the rhythmic movements of not just the couple, but also their guests who were regular ballroom dancers as well, creating a whirlwind of beauty and joy.

As the sun dipped low, casting a warm glow over the landscape, Alyssa and Ryan stole a moment amidst the tranquil grapevines, the perfect metaphor for their enduring love, radiant and eternal against the backdrop of nature's splendor.

A Vineyard Wedding To Remember



Photography: Photography Avec Meg

Photography Assist: Kathleen Marie Photography

Venue: Scholls Valley Lodge

Flat lay photo of wedding shoes and jewelry
Groom writing vows
Groom getting dressed
Groom getting ready
Bride getting makeup applied
Flower girl drinking tea
Detail photo of wedding bands
Bridesmaids cheering glasses
Bridesmaids helping bride get ready
Maid of honor helping button wedding gown on bride