White Flowy Maxi Dresses

Maybe you are planning a beach vacation trip or perhaps you have an upcoming bridal shower. Whatever the occasion, having a white flowy dress is a staple piece to keep year after year. It's also one of my favorite styles of dresses to photograph because they give such a light and airy look.

I purchased this white flowy dress a year ago from Urban Outfitters (unfortunately, it's currently unavailable). I originally picked up the dress for our trip to Hawaii, that ultimately got canceled not once, but twice. We are finally planning to go again and I intend to bring this beautiful dress. Even though my dress can't be purchased anymore, I found many other beautiful options! They are all listed below and organized by price.

Recently, I noticed some beautiful white blossoms on the plum tree in our garden, so I had my husband remove a few branches to use to take photos. I used a pink seamless paper backdrop on my patio, set up my tripod, and snapped a few self-portraits. I wasn't actually intending on a Bridgerton-inspired photoshoot, but the outcome sure does look like I just finished binging the first season right before taking these, doesn't it?

Below you will find my backyard self-portraits and all of the other beautiful white flowy dresses perfect for your engagement party, bridal shower, or your upcoming photo session.



Bridgerton inspired spring photo shoot
Spring flowers and white dress
Elegant portrait of woman in flowy white dress and spring flowers
Woman in white dress and spring blossoms
Lovely portrait of woman in white dress with flowers
Portrait of woman
Spring blossoms and woman in white dress
Elegant white dress
Casual white dress and spring flowers
Portrait of woman in white dress and pink backdrop

Under $100

$100 - $300

$300 and up