Five Quick Tips for A Less Stressful Wedding


Pre-fill your Marriage Certificates

Pre-fill as much as you possibly can on your marriage certificates. Typically, there is a legal form and a decorative certificate. The legal form is much more of a priority to get filled out correctly. Take the time beforehand to make sure you have all information filled out except for signatures. It may even be best to look over the form with your significant other when you pick it up from the courthouse (or wherever you pick it up in your community). Then you can ask someone at the courthouse what some of the terms mean. This will save you lots of time and stress and you won't miss out on your wedding celebration because you were busy filling out paperwork. Also, be sure to have a designated person who is responsible for putting the certificates away in a safe place at your wedding.


Keep your "getting ready" space tidy

If you are doing "getting ready" photos, keep the room as tidy as possible. This way your photographer and videographer team will be able to move around safely and get more shots without having to worry about distracting items like suitcases, hangers, and other clutter in the shots.


Do a first look

This is a great way to get some extra bride and groom portraits before the excitement of seeing your wedding guests. Another plus is that your hair and makeup will look fresh in these portraits.


Do an engagement shoot with your wedding photographer

This is the best way to get comfortable with each other. You may also still have memories of how the photographer might prompt you, so you are a bit more prepared for portraits on your wedding day.


Keep your bridal details together

Prepare your bridal detail items for flat lay and detail photos ahead of time and keep them organized in one place/bag on your wedding day. Here are some ideas of things you could get together for your photographer:

Your wedding invitation suite

Rings and other Jewelry

Veil or hair accessories

Wedding shoes

Cuff links

A few extra flowers

Anything that hints at the theme or gives a feel for the venue (for example, maybe your theme is Parisian Chic or your plan to honeymoon in Paris. You could bring a tiny Eiffel Tower to use as a decorative piece. Or perhaps you have a beach theme wedding, you could bring seashells or other mementos from the beach).