An Elegant Editorial Photoshoot with Oranges

We have been blessed with a lot of rain this Spring. Our plants have definitely gotten the drink they need, now it's time for some sun! I'm sure I'm not the only PNW photographer who has been checking the weather daily, looking for some consistent nice weather. Don't get me wrong, I love studio sessions, but there's something so fun and a bit unpredictable about outdoor photoshoots.

When Catherine told me that her beautiful hair had been dyed red, my first thought was - "oranges!" I wanted to complement the color of her hair by using this fun citrus and use the lush greens of this field to contrast with the red. So, we set up this relaxed scene at one of my local spots here in Beaverton and got to it. These were shot in the later evening, so we had some lovely shade and fading direct light.