The Perfect Black Jumpsuit

As a wedding photographer, it's important to me that my clothes are comfortable. I'm all over the place on wedding days - well for any photoshoot for that matter. One minute I'm standing on a chair, next I'm practically laying on the floor to get the right angle. It's no wonder that many photographers prefer jumpsuits on busy days. They are the perfect mix of relaxed and dressy. 

Lately, I've been reaching for my new Kiova V-Neck Bamboo Jumpsuit from Yala. I love this women-owned and led brand based in Ashland, Oregon. The quality is unmatched and Yala cares about things that I do, like environmental sustainability and social responsibility. 

If you know me, you know that black is the main shade in my wardrobe. It's always chic and it's the ultimate professional color for photographers. It certainly makes dressing for weddings and other photoshoots a breeze and it helps me to stand-out, but also blend-in. 

I love the wide leg of this jumpsuit, it's perfect to wear with boots or loafers. It also has a tie to cinch around the waist. It’s buttery soft and breathable. Its other benefits are that it helps keep me warm in the cold, and cool in the heat - making it perfect to work in the studio or at a summer wedding. This winter, I have been layering it with a classic blazer or even a turtleneck underneath. 

If you are a photographer or anyone looking for a comfortable new staple for your closet, this jumpsuit is it. 

There is also a Valentines Day Sale!