Branding and Headshot Sessions

Branding photography allows your customer to get a close look at your craft so they can book you with confidence. Let me help connect you with your ideal clients.


What is included in a branding session?

Part of your session will be dedicated to capturing you doing your craft. You may also use part of the session for professional headshots for things like your "About" page on your website or social media. It is up to you how long we spend doing either.

Where can we shoot?

This is dependent on your craft and workspace. If you have a workspace that doesn't get great light, we can book studio space. The cost of the studio space will be added on to your cost.

Can you help me come up with ideas?

I am always happy to brainstorm content ideas with you! We can hop on the phone or video chat. I will ask you questions like, "who is your ideal client." "what do you think your clients want to see from you?", "do you have inspirations or an aesthetic you are giong for?"

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